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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Cletus Seldin to Fight in March

Cletus "Hebrew Hammer" Seldin is scheduled to fight on March 15 at the Madison Square Garden Theater in New York, New York, USA according to BoxRec. With a record of 27-1, Seldin is a 37 year old power puncher from Long Island. He boasts 23 KOs.

In his last two fights, Seldin has relied on impressive knockouts to win fights that were close. In 2021, Seldin was getting outboxed by William Silva until the Hammer adjusted his style and scored a knockout in the seventh round. Last October, Cletus was in a tough fight against another puncher, Patrick Okine, as both guys launched bombs at one another. With his face swollen and marked up, Seldin stopped the show in the sixth.

The Jewish Boxing Blog had Seldin up three rounds to two at the time of the Okine stoppage, but he was absorbing a lot of punishment to that point. At the end of the fifth round, a heckler in the second row yelled, "It's not as easy as you thought, Cletus!" Just before Seldin landed the knockout blow, an intoxicated white fan from Connecticut who was seated in the front row declared, "White boy's about to get knocked out!"

Unbeknownst to the heckler, Cletus knew Okine could bang. Before the fight, Seldin told The JBB, "He's a hell of a puncher. He throws big crazy shots." Cletus did admit after the fight that he didn't expect Okine to hit quite that hard. Likewise, the inebriated fan didn't know that Okine had suffered from stamina issues throughout his career while Seldin is a fitness freak and finishes strong.

Since becoming a promotional free agent last year, Seldin has been more active. From February 2020 until last October- a period of over three and half years- Cletus fought once, the Silva fight. The fight in March would be his second in five months. His fight against Okine was on a Boxing Insider show. The March bout is promoted by 360 Promotions.

Seldin told The JBB on January 25 that he is officially on the card. His bout is scheduled for eight rounds in the junior welterweight division. BoxRec lists an opponent, but Seldin there's nothing official yet.

Cletus Seldin battled Patrick Okine on October 10, 2023 at Sony Hall

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