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Friday, January 26, 2024

Stefi Cohen to Fight in March

Dr. Stefanie Cohen is scheduled on fight on March 1 at Tropical Park Equestrian Center in Miami, Florida, USA. The card is promoted by Mundo Boxing.

The are a few interesting notes surrounding this bout. Cohen has been training with her old coach Dr. Pedro Diaz. She had linked up with Pedro Santiago when she moved to Southern California. Both are good trainers although Diaz is more known in the sport.

Under Diaz's tutelage, Cohen mostly boxed behind her jab at range. Because of her short stature, impressive strength as a world record-holding powerlifter, and late start in boxing, it probably makes more sense for her to be a mauler who roughs up her opponents on the inside. It's a credit to Cohen and her coaches that she has made so much progress with her technique, but it feels like trying to reinvent the wheel.

This fight is scheduled to take place in the super bantamweight division (122 pounds), which seems like a good fit for Cohen. She cut all the way down to flyweight (112 pounds) for her last fight, which couldn't have been easy.

She is scheduled to take part in a six-rounder, which would be her longest bout. She has struggled with stamina issues in several four-rounders throughout her career, so the jump up in rounds before showing she can sustain an attack for four rounds could be presumptuous. Cohen's stamina issues have come in fights where she has been 118 pounds or below, so the higher weight could serve to rectify concerns about her endurance.

This bout marks Cohen's seventh career fight. She last fought in June and has been in the ring twice each year since she turned pro in 2021. The 31 year old started boxing in her late twenties, so more activity in the ring is the best way to overcome her late start. Of course, it must be understood it isn't easy for fighters to get on a card regularly these days. Last fall, Cohen trained with legends Carolina Duer and Yesica Bopp as well as prospect Lupita Medina. Stefi has been getting good work, but sparring isn't the same as fighting.

Cohen is managed by her significant other Tristan Hamm, which might be the most treif name there is. Hamm, an outdoor influencer from Canada, knocked out a Logan Paul lookalike last Saturday on a Misfits card. Incidentally, Boxrec lists Misfits boxing as something distinct from professional boxing. Hopefully, Cohen's opponent on March 1 is a fighter the caliber she has faced thus far and not a lookalike.

No opponent has been announce for Cohen as of yet.

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