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Monday, April 1, 2024

Cletus Seldin Ranked by WBA

After Cletus Seldin secured his seventh consecutive win on March 15, the WBA ranked him number 8 in their welterweight ratings. Seldin is 28-1 with 23 KOs. His last two fights have been at 142.5 pounds.

Seldin has made the most of his opportunities and he should be viewed as a contender, but the alphabet organizations' ratings should be taken with a grain of salt. The WBA actually has two welterweight world champions. The IBF doesn't have a number one or number two contender, but it does rank 3-15. Within the four "major" organizations' top 15, 44 different welterweights are listed. No single welterweight is rated by each of the four organizations.

The best ratings organizations are the Transnational Boxing Rankings and The Ring. Their ratings are quite similar, agreeing on the champion, Terence Crawford, and eight of the ten contenders. But both only include a top ten. Seldin didn't make either list.

BoxRec's ratings are based on a mathematical formula and rank Seldin as the 102nd best junior welterweight, which is preposterously low. BoxRec's rankings are often criticized within the industry. They are less corrupt than the alphabet organizations' rankings, however.

Rgardless of the WBA's rankings, Seldin has established himself as a contender. Hopefully, the 37 year old lands a big fight soon.

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