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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Miroslav Kapuler Egregiously Robbed in Quaterfinals

The IBA, formerly known as AIBA, is a cesspool of corruption and incompetence. Officials and judges care nothing for fairness, honor, or healthy competition. They are more concerned with selling their precious medals to the highest bidder. The IBA is so maligned within the often seedy world of sport that even the International Olympic Committee wants nothing to do with them, banning the corrupt boxing organization from running the Olympic tournament.

Miroslav Kapuler, four days shy of his 27th birthday, was a casualty of the IBA's blatant corruption today in Belgrade, Serbia at the European amateur championships. Or, giving the IBA the benefit of the doubt, was simply a matter of inexcusable incompetence? Regardless, the Israeli junior middleweight is out of the tournament instead of assuming his rightful place in the semifinals.

In a competitive first round, Kapuler's jab proved accurate against Vasile Cebotari, a fellow southpaw from Moldova with a 15-0 pro record. Cebotari countered Kapuler's jab with varying degrees of success, but Kapuler's punches were certainly cleaner and more plentiful. Each of the five judges spent the first round carefully investigating their own colons rather than watching the bout, the only possible explanation for why all five gave the round to Cebotari.

In the second round, Kapuler snapped back Cebotari's head so often it was as if the Moldovan was listening to some imperceptible techno music. Cebotari had two nice spurts in the round but spent most of those three minutes eating punches. Even the highlights after the round confirmed the demolition that took place. Three judges gave credit to Cebotari's face for the damage it inflicted upon Kapuler's gloves. By the end of the second, three judges had improbably scored the bout 20-18 for the 22 year old from Traspol.

With the fight all but secured, Cebotari wisely held most of the third round, becoming intimately familiar with Kapuler's choice of cologne. Kapuler did all he could to coax his low-quality Green Hill pillows into scoring a knockout, but as much as his gloves pummeled Cebotari, Cebotari's senses would not scramble. The highlights after the round were basically all of Miroslav's continuous onslaught. Kapuler's only mistake all fight was being overeager. He hit on the break on several occasions, receiving a warning each time.

The verdict was announced as a split decision victory for Cebotari. The shameful scores curiously were not even revealed. Instead, the broadcast quickly moved to the next fight. Kapuler handled the indignation with grace; it was just another robbery in a frustratingly long list of them.

Update: The scores were 4-1 in favor of Cebotari. The Serbian judge, Maria Petrkovic, unbelievably scored each round for Cebotari, perhaps because the winner would face a fighter from Serbia.

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