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Friday, November 16, 2012

Brooks Stays Undefeated

Mike "Lefty" Brooks remained undefeated after winning by majority decision last night against Bryan Acaba. This fight took place at Plattduetsche Restaurant in Long Island, New York and was originally scheduled for November 1, but Hurricane Sandy forced the postponement of the card.

This was the 135-pound Long Island native's toughest test to date and Acaba, who weighed in at 133 for the contest, was able to shake him up on occasion. But Lefty's stunning right hook, sprinkled across Acaba's face throughout the rounds, won him the fight.

In the first round, the wheels in Mike's mind were apparent. First, he flung out the jab. He noticed Acaba's eyes followed its trajectory. So, Brooks used it as a decoy and fired a straight left into Acaba's mouth. He tried the combination again, but Acaba was wise to the straight left, so Brooks added a delayed right hook on the back end that caused Acaba consternation. Acaba never adjusted to Brooks's flinging right hook.

Brooks, wearing camouflage trunks, stalked for the first five rounds and Acaba moved. Acaba's punches were slow, but he showed himself to be a competent boxer. In the middle of the third round, Acaba shot off a ferocious combination as if he had been shocked out of a deep slumber. The blizzard likely won him the round.

Lefty is an excellent body puncher, but while he threw more than Acaba, he threw fewer than he should have. It allowed Acaba to maintain his strength in the final round. Acaba needed his strength because he had been blasted around in the fourth and fifth periods. But he showed grit in the sixth and his right continuously forced Brooks backwards. Mike moved for the first time in the fight and Acaba became the aggressor. Exhibiting courage, and after eating Acaba's gloves all round, Brooks punctuated the bout with another winging right hook that stopped his opponent in his tracks.

The two inked warriors tattooed each other all fight long giving the fans a rousing affair. Much of the sparse crowd backed Lefty, but the Acaba supporters took over in the final round. Brooks had fought outdoors at the Plattduetsche in August in sweltering conditions; this contest took place comfortably indoors.

The judges scored the bout 58-56 twice and 57-57. Some Acaba fans interestingly believe Brooks benefited from a hometown decision. Brooks advances to 9-0 with two KOs and Acaba falls to 3-2 with two KOs.

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