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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Krasniqi Stops Heyman

Max Heyman lost by way of third round TKO in his fight yesterday against Robin Krasniqi at the Maritim Hotel in Magdeburg, Germany. Heyman was knocked to the canvas twice before the referee waved off the contest.

Heyman, wearing black trunks with red fire on the left leg, was competitive early. He jabbed out of his high guard, which produced little success. "Mad" Max found his best punch however when he added the right to the body. Meanwhile, Krasniqi tested his right hand early, gauging the appropriate range.

Heyman landed a nice counter right, but Krasniqi appeared unfazed. The younger man realized at that point that he could walk down Heyman. Late in the first, Krasniqi landed a big right uppercut, which is his money punch. He added a massive overhand right that sent Heyman staggering into the corner.

Heyman was at his worst when hiding in the corner. Moments before the bell rang, he fell, flooded by a series of Krasniqi shots. The Germany-based fighter continued his right hand-heavy dominance in the second and third rounds.  Heyman's nose bled as a result of repeated right uppercuts. But he fought gamely. Still, Krasniqi's hand speed and Heyman's inability to produce enough power forced the American to constantly retreat. For Heyman to have a chance, he needed to be coming forward.

Towards the end of the third, Krasniqi overwhelmed a stunned Heyman once again. Max folded to the floor. He beat the count, but the fight was waved off with 16 seconds remaining in the round. Heyman protested.

Krasniqi, who is line to challenge the WBO beltholder Nathan Cleverly, rises to 39-2 with 15 KOs. The classy Heyman slides to 25-12-4 with 14 KOs.

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