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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ahrens Wins Again

Danny "Kid" Ahrens won his second professional fight last night at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, England. Ahrens defeated Rick Boulter on points. Referee Richard Williams granted Ahrens the decision by the score of 40-36.

Ahrens sauntered to the ring underneath a white hood to the sound of Guns 'N Roses's Welcome to the Jungle. Once the bout started, Ahrens captured the center of the ring. He eschewed the jab in favor of bobbing and weaving his way inside. Boulter, a southpaw from Lincoln, England, kept his right hand low and futilely attempted to block Ahrens's straight rights with his shoulder.

Boulter landed one big shot in the first round. It was absorbed by Ahrens's face, which showed no consternation as a result of the blow. At the end of the round, Danny nailed Boulter with two left hooks. Boulter went hurling into the corner and Ahrens showed an instinctive aggression by jumping on his wounded opponent. But the bell sounded and Boutler was saved.

Rick Boulter is no world beater. He has only one win compared to now thirty losses and three draws. But he knows how to survive. On the rare occasion he decided to attack, his punches landed on Danny's gloves. His nose bled from the second round onward. As a result, Boulter held relentlessly in the third and fourth rounds. The excessive holding served to stifle Ahrens's attack.

Ahrens, who is 5'8" and weighed 156 for the fight, was the aggressor throughout. He periodically switched to southpaw, a stance that was less effective than when he was orthodox. The "Kid" often stood squarely in front of his taller opponent, who weighed in at 156.75 pounds for this contest, but did not need to worry about presenting a bigger target as Boulter exhibited very little offense.

There's no shame in the fact that Ahrens didn't stop a fighter with a 1-30-3 record as Boutler has only been stopped thrice in his career. This was his 15th fight on 2012. Danny Ahrens advances to 2-0.

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