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Friday, December 3, 2021

Next Gloves and Doves Show on December 16 in Israel

Former pro boxer Tony Milch's Gloves and Doves initiative is hosting an amateur show in the Arab town of Majd al-Kurum, located in northern Israel, on December 16.  The mission of Gloves and Doves is to spread peace and unity in the Middle East. Gloves and Doves held a show in London, England last month and hosted one in Israel this past July.

True to its mission, this upcoming show will feature amateur youths from different ethnic and religious backgrounds in eleven fights. The event will be streamed live on WBC Middle East's Facebook page.

1 comment:

  1. Such an interesting, inspiring & awesome initiative. When you see pro athletes and Olympians refusing to play a soccer match or face off in judo because they don't respect or accept the beliefs/origins of an opponent it sets a horrendous example both to followers of the sport and mankind in general.
    Gloves and doves is proof that goodness still exists in humanity and provides hope that, despite a tough history where animosity has been commonplace, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Arabs, Israelis and everyone can not only coexist but also compete/collaborate with and appreciate each other as equals.
    God bless gloves and doves- such projects deserve all the support & commendation they can get. Respect to Mr Milch for trying to make a difference