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Friday, December 17, 2021

Cletus Seldin's Wild Run

Less than a week after knocking out William Silva in the main event at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, last October, Cletus Seldin went for a customary long run around Long Island. Seldin would end up running over 26 miles in just over four hours. He has run longer distances before, but seldom has Seldin had a more memorable run.

Wearing a stained cut-off gray t-shirt under a five-o'clock shadow with his wild curly hair dripping out of a red bandana, Seldin's stomach began to rumble, a familiar feeling for anyone who has run long distances. That feeling turns all runners into math experts, "I have this much time until disaster. If I have to go X distance at Y speed, will I make it in time?" The sun crept up in the east as Cletus scrambled to find any open store willing to handle his business.

Fortunately, he finally found an open Walgreens. Once his most urgent concern was alleviated, he realized his feet hurt. So, he bought some tiger balm. Outside of the Walgreens, he applied the balm to his feet before he continued his run. A stranger spotted him seated on the sidewalk outside the store.

"Hey man, here's ten dollars," the man offered.

Cletus declined the money. He looked at his wardrobe and opined, "Maybe I need to reconsider my attire."

"World Rated Junior Welterweight Mistaken for Homeless Beggar" would have been the headline had that been all that happened.

After sharing the incident on Instagram, a woman began yelling at Cletus, filming him with her phone. "He's peeing! He's peeing!" the woman shouted at the 35 year old contender who sports a record of 26-1 with 22 KOs. "I'm calling the police!"

Cletus sat in shock. He was still applying the balm to his aching feet on the sidewalk outside of Walgreens. Seldin chose the most logical option available in that situation which was to film the incident himself and yell back a defense that he was, in fact, not peeing.

Thankfully, the woman soon realized her mistake and hollered an apology from her car. The police were not called to question Seldin about any bodily fluids. For his part, the Hebrew Hammer had an airtight alibi since he had been recording his reaction to the recent offer of financial aid just seconds before he was accused of public urination.

So there was Cletus, a disheveled and tired looking man seemingly talking to himself with his shoes off sitting on the sidewalk of the Walgreens early in the morning about to continue his marathon-length run on his way up the 140-pound rankings.

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