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Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Jewish Boxing Blog Update

The Jewish Boxing Blog has a lot of new projects, and since this is a slow news period in the world of Jewish boxing, this seems like a good time to mention them. Traffic to the site has exploded recently, so thank you to everyone who visits The JBB.

There is a link to The JBB's Linktree page on the site. You can view the different sites associated with The Jewish Boxing Blog there.

On Twitter, a birthday, big fight anniversary, or yahrzeit date of a Jewish boxer is posted each day. New articles from this site and articles about Jewish boxers from other sites are also shared there. Check it out here.

The JBB joined Instagram because Jewish boxers share a lot of news there. The JBB has started to post more pictures of Jewish boxers, fight posters, etc. And check out The JBB's stories for news. The Instagram page is here.

There's a new a weekly newsletter via Buymeacoffee.com. There'll be a link to the most recent newsletter on the site. Here is the newsletter for the week of November 29. A donation of as a little as $3 will get you access to all newsletters. Here's a page that has a list of all of them.

Donations through Buymeacoffee.com are much appreciated. I want to give a giant thank you to those who have already offered their financial support. That support is very meaningful.

Check out The JBB's new page of featured books. These are recommended by the editor of the The Jewish Boxing Blog. If you purchase a book by clicking on a link, Amazon gives The JBB a tiny reward, but you pay the same price, so if you plan on purchasing any of these books, using the links on The JBB is much appreciated.

In addition to covering all of the Jewish boxing news, this site will also offer more book reviews and more columns about different relevant topics. Thank you for supporting The Jewish Boxing Blog and stay tuned as the site continues to grow!

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