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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Shawn Sarembock Scores Second Round Stoppage

Shawn Michael Sarembock knocked down Adrian Zendejas twice in the second round of their fight tonight at Big Punch Arena in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Sarembock notched his seventh consecutive KO victory to start his pro career.

Zendejas's record was nothing to brag about, but the 29 year old from Tijuana came out firing. He'd crouch and then jump at Sarembock with a jab. Zandejas didn't land much, but he indicated his intention to fight.

The most striking aspect of Shawn's game is his poise. He casually blocked the hailstorm coming his way as he inched forward waiting for the right moment to strike. With about a minute left in the first round, Sarembock popped Zendejas with a chopping right. From that point forward, the taller 30 year old Arizonan landed increasingly cleaner shots with both hands to take the round.

Zendejas did not look like a man who was about to lose his sixteenth fight in a row at the start of the second round. He was slippery in the pocket and then landed a good combination as the round began. He connected with a right to the body and then threw a punch that appeared similar until it changed course midway and landed to Sarembock's head. At that moment, it looked like anybody's fight!

Then Sarembock, who the announcers incorrectly called "Shamrock" then entire time, patiently tossed out another chopping right and Zendejas collapsed. He almost missed the count but stood up at nine. He was still woozy as Shawn charged towards him. Sarembock took what Zendejas gave him, digging a hard right to the body when the veteran from Tijuana covered his head. Sarembock then delivered another crushing right that sent Zendejas to the canvas yet again. The referee sensibly waved off the fight.

In winning by TKO in the second round, Sarembock advanced his record to 7-0 with 7 KOs and broke the seventh-fight curse. None of the previous four Jewish boxers to sport a 6-0 record were able to improve to 7-0. Zendejas is now 4-26 with 4 KOs. He has now been stopped in six of his last seven fights.

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