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Saturday, April 9, 2022

BoxRec Changes Mor Oknin's Name and Says He Lost

BoxRec has changed Mor Oknin's name to More Vaknine. His full name is listed as More Refael Vaknine, and his age is recorded as 36 years old. A BoxRec editor told The Jewish Boxing Blog that the organization was sent a copy of Oknin's passport information which prompted the change.

Countless boxers have fought under pseudonyms rather than their legal names including Sugar Ray Robinson, Benny Leonard, Archie Moore, Barney Ross, and more recently, Dmitriy Salita, just to name a few.

BoxRec claims Oknin lost his last fight, held on February 26 in Terraza Sport Bar in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico to Jose Cariaga Yanez by third round TKO. Vaknine's record is posted as 1-1.

Oknin, the name he uses on his trunks and on Instagram, shared two videos on the social media site with highlights of the fight. At the end of the second video, the referee raises Oknin's hand after the result is announced. Oknin gives a salute and then smilingly shakes the hand of the referee. He does not appear to be a man who had been stopped moments before.

The editor said BoxRec still has "lots of problems with wrong reports" out of many countries, including Mexico. BoxRec only records what the commissions in charge tell them. In this case, Comision de Box Agua Prieta is in charge. If the result should be changed, Oknin's team will need the commission to send a correction to BoxRec.

This site will continue to refer to him as Mor Oknin but mention his legal name when appropriate. The JBB will follow up on any additional information about this story should it become available.

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