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Friday, April 15, 2022

Igor Lazarev Stopped in Action-Packed Fight

Igor Lazarev was stopped following the second round of his fight against Angelo Peña at Stadttheater Bern in Bern, Switzerland tonight. After two exciting rounds in which Lazarev was outclassed, his corner asked the referee to stop the fight.

Lazarev, a 35 year old from Israel, strutted to the ring wearing white trunks with red trim to the song "Live and Let Die" by Guns N' Roses. His dark hair trimmed short, Lazarev sported his familiar thin goatee.

When the opening bell rang, Peña rushed forward in his southpaw stance whipping his fast hands at Igor. His right hooks damaged Lazarev's body from the outset and would prove to be one of the 26 year old Swiss fighter's most potent weapons. Halfway through what would turn out to be a disastrous round for Lazarev, Peña smacked Igor's body with yet another right hook which forced Lazarev to bend over in agony.

Lazarev quickly righted himself and continued to fight back. He landed some of his own blows to the body, but they didn't have the intensity of Peña's punches. Two minutes and eleven seconds into the fight, Peña connected with yet another right hook to the body. Lazarev paused a moment and then fell.

Igor beat the count and used his veteran guile to stay in the fight. He held and moved and threw back just enough. The Israeli displayed guts in the second round. He landed a straight right to open the period. Then a jab stung Peña's face. He did well in the pocket, which helped negate Peña's hand speed advantage. Lazarev even had some good moments fighting off the ropes. But Peña landed two vicious left uppercuts and continued with the body assault. The left uppercut was the other punishing weapon in Peña's arsenal, and he unleashed it brilliantly.

Though Igor had a better second round than first, his corner grabbed the referee's attention to stop the fight after the round. The referee asked Lazarev for confirmation, and he nodded. Peña, whose bloody lip was receiving attention from his cutman, was informed of the stoppage and ran to a neutral corner before leaping onto the ropes with his hands raised in victory.

Lazarev, who is now 8-4 with 3 KOs, did not repeat his incredible performance of last month, when he thoroughly beat undefeated prospect Dominik Harwankowski only to have the decision stolen from him by allegedly corrupt judging. But he was valiant against a classy opponent. Peña showed real skill. He cut the ring off effectively, maintained balance, possessed fast hands, attacked the body, and exhibited a high boxing IQ. Peña, who is now 2-0 with 2 KOs, looks like a prospect to watch.

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