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Sunday, September 25, 2022

David Alaverdian to Face Artrimus Sartor

Super flyweight David Alaverdian is scheduled to face Artrimus "El Chapo" Sartor in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. This will be Alaverdian's first pro fight since his impressive showing against Jeno Tonte last April.

Alaverdian (6-0, 5 KOs) is a 29 year old from Israel. He's now based in the U.S. This fight will likely be a showcase for David's tremendous skills.

Sartor (4-3, [one NC] one KO) is a 36 year old from Cincinnati, Ohio and is now based in Houston, Texas. "El Chapo" has one major advantage over Alaverdian; he's naturally the bigger man. Sartor once weighed as heavy as 133 pounds for a fight back in 2015. The lightest he has weighed in for a fight is 117.3 pounds in 2019. Alaverdian's heaviest is 114.8 pounds and says he walks around at about 120.

Otherwise, Alaverdian has all of the advantages. He's faster, fresher, and far more skilled. Sartor hasn't fought since October 10, 2019; Alaverdian's pro career started in December that year. Sartor won his first three fights, but his three losses came against two novices and a journeyman.

Sartor said his best punch is the jab, and he prefers the stick-and-move style. In 2017, Sartor fought his toughest opponent to date, Jesse Angel Hernandez, who was 8-1 at the time and has fought some quality opponents since. Hernandez switches stances like Alaverdian, but that's where the similarities stop. Sartor moved and countered Hernandez, but too often Artrimus argued with referee Neal Young. In the second round, he became trapped in the corner as Hernandez unloaded until Young stopped the bout. The fight was later changed to a no-contest, but unlike the result, the punches absorbed by Sartor didn't disappear.

Sartor answered a Facebook ad posted last week by promoter, matchmaker, and active boxer Britton Norwood, who offered $3,000 to anyone who would fight Alaverdian. BoxRec says Sartor is currently suspended by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board. He has never fought in New Jersey, but was scheduled to fight Jeremy Adorno on January 11, 2020. Adorno fought someone else on that night. It's possible Sartor failed a physical. The Mississippi commission tends not to be as strict as New Jersey's.

This bout is scheduled for six rounds. Check out David Alaverdian's recent interview with The Jewish Boxing Blog.

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