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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Weights for Big Fight Night in Ashdod

The card featuring four professional Jewish boxers- and promoted in part by Arena Boxing Israel- will take place tomorrow, September 15, in Ashdod, Israel. The eight fighters weighed in today.

Itay Gershon, a kickboxing star, will make his pro debut tomorrow. He weighed in a bit over the super middleweight limit at 168.7 pounds.  As a kickboxer, the 29 year old has typically weighed in around the mid-150s, so this is about ten pounds more than his kickboxing weight.

His opponent, Armi Kovaci, came in at 168 pounds. Kovaci is from Albania and sports a record of 1-6 with 1 KO. The lightest he ever weighed in for a fight came in his debut when he was 153 pounds. Since then, he has primarily fought as a super middleweight going as high as 170.8. So Kovaci is the naturally bigger man. Despite Kovaci's record, a convincing win by Gershon will be impressive. More likely, it will be competitive.

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Kovaci and Gershon at the weigh-in

In an all-Jewish battle, Sagiv Ismailov takes on Nikita Basin. Ismailov, 2-0 with 2 KOs, came in at 171 pounds. This is the heaviest of Sagiv's career, but he's only 20 year old. His lightest weight came in his last fight nearly two years ago when he was 163.5 pounds. He weighed 166 for his debut.

Basin, 4-2 with 4 KOs, weighed in at 171.5 pounds.  In his last fight, he weighed the lightest of his pro career at 169 pounds. He was his heaviest in his debut in 2019 when he weighed 179.5. These are good weights for both guys; they're in fighting shape.

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Basin and Ismailov at the weigh-in

Aki Mishaev weighed in at 151.7 pounds for his fight against Eugeniu Bat. The 36 year old Mishaev is 1-0. He came in at 149.3 pounds for his debut almost three years ago. Bat is 1-1. The 23 year old is from Chisinau, Moldova. He weighed in at 150.8 pounds, his heaviest by about four pounds. For his debut, he was 146.5 pounds and for his last contest, he weighed 143.

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Mishaev and Bat at the weigh-in

Popular Arab Israeli Ahmad Shtewe (4-0, 2 KOs) will also appear on the card. The welterweight came in at 145.6 pounds. His opponent, Nicolae Galben (1-0) was 142.4 pounds, seven pounds heavier than he was for his debut.

All fights are scheduled for four rounds.
(All photos courtesy of Arena Boxing Israel's IG page)

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