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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Ben Ephraim and Bialic Weigh-In

Odelia Ben Ephraim and Lydie Bialic weighed in ahead of their battle for the French featherweight title tomorrow at the Palais des sports in Cohors, France. Ben Ephraim came in at 125, a pound under the featherweight limit. Bialic was 122 pounds.

Ben Ephraim (4-2) has consistently made the featherweight limit. The lightest she has weighed in for a pro fight was 123.5 pounds. Bialic (2-2-1) has fought as a bantamweight and a junior featherweight. Her lightest weight was 116 pounds while her heaviest had been 120.5 pounds before today.

A key for Ben Ephraim is to avoid Bialic's looping shots. She may want to box from the outside more then usual instead of sitting in the pocket while throwing five and six punch combinations. For Bialic, a key is to use the jab as a weapon instead of just as a decoy and to go to the body early. That should set up her overhand shots in the middle and late rounds.

Click here for a preview of the fight.

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