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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Carolina Duer in Negotiations to Fight Laura Grzyb

On April 29, Carolina Duer dropped a disputed split decision to Gabriel Bouvier. The fight was for a trinket the WBC calls the "Silver Championship." Duer petitioned for an immediate rematch because of the controversial nature of the decision. The WBC agreed with Duer's request and in June ordered a rematch.

Bouvier apparently did not want to fight Duer again, and the WBC has, or will, strip her of her strap. The WBC now has ordered Duer and Laura Grzyb to complete negotiations by December 20 for a chance to fight for the vacant Ag belt.

The WBC's Silver belt is not as prestigious as its Interim belt, but more so than its International belt. It also shouldn't be confused with the organization's Diamond, Youth, Youth Intercontinental, Youth Silver, International Silver, Franchise, Eternal, or regional title belts. Fighters pay a sanctioning fee for the "honor" of wearing one of these tchotchkes. How else can WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman afford his expensive suits?

This is not to single out the WBC, which is the likely best of the sanctioning bodies. Of course, determining the best sanctioning body is like choosing your favorite covid symptom.

It's important to note, the fighters shouldn't be blamed for the proliferation of sanctioning body belts. They're just playing the game as it is. And regardless of the WBC's belt nonsense, Duer-Grzyb is a good fight.

Duer, a 45 year old from Argentina, is a two-division world champion. After the debatable defeat to Bouvier, she is now 20-7-2 with 6 KOs. Grzyb is a 28 year old from Poland. Her record is 10-0 with 3 KOs. She currently holds the European junior featherweight title and successfully defended it in October.

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