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Friday, December 15, 2023

Sagiv Ismailov to Face Evghenii Shabazov

Sagiv Ismailov is scheduled to face Evghenii Shabazov on December 23 at Universitatea de Educatie Fizica si Sport in Chisinau, Moldova. This will be Ismailov's fourth fight of the year and his first scheduled six-rounder.

This is the second fight since finishing his mandatory IDF commitment for the 21 year Ismailov (6-0, 2 KOs). Sagiv has shown steady improvement and has been moved along well. In February, he fought a tall southpaw. He built up his attack strategically in an April fight and threw intelligent combinations.  Last month, he used the jab effectively and stayed alert against a 100-fight veteran with power who can lull opponents to sleep.

Shabazov (1-3) represents another test. The 43 year old is a tough pressure fighter. An Assyrian from Chisinau, he has decent punch technique and at 5'11" is good at maintaining distance with small steps forward and backward. His primary weaknesses are a lack of hand and foot speed.

Defensively, Shabazov mostly tries to block the punches. He keeps a low guard and rotates his shoulders to bring his guard up. That leaves his midsection open. Occasionally, he pulls back to avoid oncoming fire. Evghenii is vulnerable to overhand rights and left hooks over the top, but opponents need to set up those shots or time them well.

For Ismailov to continue his development as a fighter, it will be important for him to use the jab liberally and then throw those power shots over the top, instead of simply loading up and exchanging. Sagiv has done well in that area his last two fights, and it'll work against Shabazov. Sagiv will also want to unleash combinations to the head that set up body shots, which is his best chance for a knockout against the tough Moldovan. Perhaps the most important key is stamina. The Israeli seems to have cured his stamina issues that troubled him in his third and fourth pro fights, but this is his first six-rounder

Ismailov and his team will travel to Chisinau on Wednesday. He observes Shabbat, so he'll weigh-in Friday morning. The fight will be Saturday night after sundown.

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