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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Josh Feldman Wins by Majority Decision

Junior middleweight Joshua Feldman beat Potego Ntsoane by majority decision this evening at Box Camp Booysens in Johannesburg, South Africa. Feldman did not dominate, but he deserved the win.

Feldman, a 19 year old southpaw from Cape Town, had some trouble finding his rhythm early in the fight. The smaller Ntsoane was awkward. He darted in and out, throwing shots from weird angles on his way in close and then clinching. As the shorter man who initiated the clinches, Ntsoane popped Feldman with his head a few times. But by the end of the opening round, Feldman found his range and landed a good combination.

Josh's jab didn't always fight the target, but in the second round, it occupied Ntsoane and set up the Capetonian's straight left. Ntsoane connected with a sharp counter straight right of his own, but Josh finished the second strong by attacking the body.

In the second half of the fight, both young men began to tire. Feldman adeptly slipped punches in the third and fourth rounds, but his offense was a bit more muted. While Feldman looked gassed by the end of the fight, Ntsoane's mouth remained agape as he gasped for air. For much of the contest, Potego used an amateur style, touching Feldman with lots of light blows that did little damage. Josh punctuated the fourth with some good hard combos, including one that ended with a left uppercut snapping back Ntsoane's head while he was on the ropes.

Two judges had the bout 39-37 for Feldman while one called it a draw at 38. Ntsoane tried hard, fought well, and may have a future in professional boxing, but he didn't deserve more than one round. Feldman landed all of the harder blows. He is now 2-0; Ntsoane is 0-1.

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