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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Squabbles at WBA Convention

The 102nd WBA convention in Orlando, Florida, USA featured some incidents involving Jewish boxers and a Jewish promoter. Two-division world champion Carolina Duer, promoter Sampson Lewkowicz, and power puncher Cletus Seldin all attended the convention.

Duer of Argentina got into a public argument with Lewkowicz of Uruguay during the convention. The argument can be viewed here. Both are speaking Spanish, their native tongue.

Lewkowicz got into a far more heated argument when the son of Elvis Grant Phillips, the founder of Grant gloves, allegedly spit in the promoter's face. Here is a video of the aftermath. Former middleweight and light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins leapt to Lewkowicz's defense. At one point, Hopkins came close to Phillips. Seldin played the role of peacemaker, stepping in between Hopkins and the Phillips family.

Boxing Scene reports the alleged spit was "due to a disagreement during the session that pertains to the sanctioning of mandatories and interim-titles." Lewkowicz has pressed charges against Phillips.

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