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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Isaac Chilemba and Opponent Make Weight

Both Isaac Chilemba and his opponent Mbaraku Kheri made the light heavyweight limit ahead of their fight tomorrow. They'll be battling for up to ten rounds at Carousel Casino in Hammanskraal, South Africa. This will be Chilemba's first fight in his adopted home country in eleven and half years.

Chilemba (26-9-3, 10 KOs) came in at 174.7 pounds. This is his heaviest weight in three fights after he improbably went down to super middleweight after spending a decade at light heavy. Chilemba's heaviest weight for a fight came in 2019 when he weighed 188.3 pounds for a fight, which was over eleven pounds heavier than his second highest weight. Isaac has only been over the light heavyweight limit four times in his career and two of those were by less than a pound.

Kheri (18-11, 15 KOs) came in at 172.3 pounds. BoxRec doesn't list Kheri's weight for many of his fights, but the smallest he's been listed as is 165.3 pounds in 2007. Kheri weighed in at 185 pounds when he fought Joey Vegas on October 1 in a cruiserweight bout. His heaviest listed weight is 188, which he was in 2011.

Chilemba is the heavy favorite against the dangerously overmatched Kheri. They have comparable records, but the quality of opposition is levels apart. Kheri has been stopped in ten of his eleven losses including in the October 1 fight.

A preview of the fight can be viewed here.

photo courtesy of 5th Element Promotions

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