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Friday, October 21, 2022

Stefi Cohen Off Ontario, California Card

Stefi Cohen had been scheduled to fight tomorrow at the Lumcolor-Phoenix Center (formerly the California Education and Performance Arts Center) in Ontario, California, USA against Kedra Bradley, but her fight has been cancelled.

Cohen's fight was removed from BoxRec earlier in the day. The Jewish Boxing Blog contacted the promoter of the show, Red Boxing Promotions, but did not receive confirmation. Later in the day, the promotional company released photos of the "Weight In" as it called it on its social media pages, although no weights were provided. Cohen and Bradley were not pictured and did not weighed in. Cohen laer said that her opponent pulled out of the fight at the last minute.

Cancelled fights, particularly around the weigh-in, are unfortunately quite common in boxing. Cohen has endured her share of proposed bouts that have vanished into thin air. Some boxers have financial backing, but most have to pay out of their own pockets to train and and travel to their fights. Cancelled fights are frustrating for all involved, from the boxers to the fans.

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