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Friday, October 7, 2022

David Alaverdian Weighs In

Super flyweight David Alaverdian is scheduled to fight Artrimus Sartor in a showcase bout tomorrow, October 8 at Mississippi Basketball & Athletics in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. Sartor was Alaverdian's original opponent, then it was Jenn Gonzalez, and now it's Sartor again.

Alaverdian, a 29 year old from Israel with a record of 6-0 (5 KOs), made the super flyweight limit by weighing in at 114.4 pounds. David has fought in the flyweight division, coming in at 112 pounds for a fight a year ago, but most of his fights have been at super flyweight. His heaviest weight has been 114.8 pounds. In an extensive interview, he told The Jewish Boxing Blog, "I can make light flyweight as well. I really can make it. I don't cut much for weight. I walk around at 120."

Sartor, a 36 year old based in Texas, has a record of 4-3 with one KO. He not only missed the super flyweight limit, but the bantamweight limit as well. He came in at 119.7 pounds, the second lightest of his career. For a fight three years ago, he weighed in at 117.8 pounds, the only time he has made the bantamweight limit as a pro. His heaviest weight was 133 pounds, a lightweight, for a fight in 2015. Four of his fights have been at featherweight.

When Sartor was originally named as Alaverdian's opponent, BoxRec listed him as suspended indefinitely by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board, but that notice has since been lifted. Jenn Gonzalez would have represented a tougher challenge than does Sartor. Sartor hasn't fought in three years, is about ten years older than Gonzalez, has less pro experience, and hasn't faced the same level of competition as Gonzalez. They fight in very different styles as well. Sartor is a counter puncher who likes to jab.

At this stage of his career, it's important for Alaverdian to build up his record and look impressive even if it's against seemingly overmatched opponents. This bout is scheduled for six rounds. A link to purchase the pay-per-view can be found here. The JBB's preview of Alaverdian-Sartor is here.

photo courtesy of David Alaverdian's IG page

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