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Monday, October 10, 2022

Isaac Chilemba to Face Mbaruku Kheri in Mismatch

Isaac "Golden Boy" Chilemba is scheduled to face Mbaruku Kheri on October 16 at the Carousel Casino in Hammanskraal, South Africa according to Mphatso Malidadi. This will be Chilemba's first fight in his adopted home country in over eleven years.

Chilemba, a 34 year old from Malawi, has a record of 26-9-3 with 10 KOs. He fought almost all of the best light heavyweights of his era. In his most recent fights, Chilemba battled two well-regarded undefeated super middleweight prospects, Pavel Silyagin and Osleys Iglesias.

Kheri is a 39 year old from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. His 18-11 record is deceptively good. Kheri has only beat two men who had more than two wins when he fought them, and only one with more than three wins. In his 18 wins, the only time he beat a fighter with a winning record was in his debut in 2005; Fred George was 2-1-1.

Kheri has fought in seven countries. In addition to his home country, Mbaruku has fought in Kenya, Uganda, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, and Zambia. However, he hasn't had any success against an opponent with a halfway decent record. In his 11 losses, he has been stopped 10 times. Eight of those KO losses have come before the fourth round.

Mbaruku Kheri lost by TKO nine days ago. Joey Vegas fought like a bull and pressured the taller Kheri. Kheri could only throw telegraphed jabs and slow, wide rights. Mostly, he covered up and clinched. In the middle of the sixth round, Kheri quit. His best attribute as a fighter is the courage to get in the ring despite limited skill and a weak chin.

Chilemba is a very slick boxer and not a concussive puncher, but frankly, this fight is a dangerous mismatch. The only way Kheri belongs in the ring with Chilemba is if Kheri gets a referee's license. Mismatches at this level are the responsibility of the matchmaker, promoter, and the commission. Hopefully, a new opponent will be found for Chilemba's homecoming fight.

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